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Who is the Emerald Baker …? January 19, 2012

My name is unimportant; you will forget it any way. 

My age is 21 but again that is not out of the ordinary. 

I have no super powers, nor do I have anything about me that would mean I stand out from a crowd. 

I am a girl/woman? Who knows really? 

I am a daughter, a granddaughter, a sister, an aunt, a niece, a girlfriend,

a best friend, a bad friend, a distant friend, a friend, a person you met and never thought about again. 

We are all these things.

What matters here is that I love to bake, when all of the other little girls were pretending

to be barbie, or princesses, I was in my plastic toy kitchen pretending to be Delia.

Then later … when all the the other girls were discovering boys and make up,

I was pretending to be Nigella, 

And still now, when alone in my kitchen …

I pretend I am on tv showing the world how to bake! 

(this is a sad fact and for this reason this blog will be anonymous)

– our shared love of all things

kitchen/oven/baked will bring us together.  

I hope you enjoy the blog and please do comment on things (good/bad)

and let me know your experiences, here you too can be anonymous,

and share your excitement and mishaps (we all have them) and I will share

mine too. 


Emerald Baker



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